Helping Companies Grow Their Business By Employing
Creative Marketing Solutions Across Multiple Media
      Small Business Resources (SBR) works with leading brands to help
them acquire new customers thru Statement Marketing programs.
Statement Marketing Programs are a low cost way to drive
response/leads and ultimately sales.

Small Business Resources has contracted with Fortune companies
who send out monthly billing statements to their millions of small
business and consumer customers. There are several direct marketing opportunities to reach customers.
Statement Inserts

Statement Messaging

Billing Envelope

    Statement Marketing

Statement Inserts - Within each billing envelope
there is an opportunity to place a 1 or 2 panel
(depending on the client) insert. As the customer
opens the billing envelope to review their monthly
statement, the insert will be prominently displayed.

Statement Messaging - Depending on the client,
there are opportunities to place messages or ads
right on the customers statement itself. This type
of advertising can be extremely effective as the
customer will notice as they review their monthly


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Billing Envelope - Depending on the client, there may be an opportunity to advertise on
the outside Billing Envelope. This is very premium space as customers will always see this
prior to opening up their statement.

Bangtails - Depending on the client, there may be an opportunity to advertise on the inside
return envelope (remittance envelope). This advertising opportunity is also a premium due
to the customer will have to see this and tear it off before paying their bill.

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