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Computer Support on Your Desktop

Sure, you know how to use your computer - when you know how to use your computer! But what about when something goes wrong, you need it to do something new or you need to learn something new? You may not feel so good about the relationship between you and your computer then.

You could call the so-called "computer doctors" to drive to your location but you don't want to wait for a house call. You could ask for advice at a computer store, but again, you're talking about a lot of lost time, lost productivity and lost patience.

Where can your business turn to get the computer help, advice and information you need quickly and within your budget?

Did you know that the computer support you need is actually closer than you think? As long as your computer has a working internet connection, remote desktop support is a way for an expert to access your computer from another location - that is, remotely. By using remote desktop or screen sharing software, an expert can "see" your machine from theirs from any location. They can guide you through changes or even, with your permission, take control of your computer.

There are many types of assistance available through remote desktop support, including:

  • Solve computer problem. Technicians troubleshoot when your computer is running slow, or you have viruses, you cannot install/uninstall a program, computer won't boot up, a program is crashing, you need to set up a network, or you have Windows issues.
  • Training/Tutorial. Receive coaching on how to set up and use software programs and gadgets. Learn the ins and outs of using PhotoShop, Illustrator, your wireless router, firewall, your blog/website, Windows. The IT experts can teach you.
  • Just get a tip. Know about products before you buy them or download them for free. Ask about Linux, Mac, Windows or even iPhone. If you want an expert opinion about a new software you are considering, the best blog platform, a free tool for a specific function, or any question about your computer, you can get your questions answered.

CrossLoop is one company which developed software to enable the "miracle" of remote desktop support. Mrinal Desai, co-founder and VP of Sales and Business Development of CrossLoop says it's easy to establish remote access:

  1. Download the program from CrossLoop.
  2. Install the CrossLoop application on both of their machines.
  3. Launch the software, give your special access code to person helping you and click connect.

That's all there is to it. Next, go to the CrossLoop Marketplace to find a specific technician to help you with the repair, advice or training you need.

You may wonder if it is safe to have someone else controlling your computer.

"Absolutely!"Desai says.

CrossLoop requires a person to be at both computers, and requires agreement from both users to share their desktop screens. A connection cannot be established with CrossLoop unless a user is present at both computers. Once the access code (randomly generated each time the application is run) is shared with the trusted party, the user 'sharing' their computer must also click on the "Allow" or "Deny" button of a confirmation screen before control is given.

The CrossLoop experts are independent contractors, so prices vary from technician to technician. The hourly rate ranges from $25 to $65. Most give free estimates. You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

It is clear there are many benefits to remote desktop support, including:

  • Immediate access to assistance, advice and training 24/7, worldwide
  • Cheaper than hiring a full-time IT staff
  • Relationship-driven, so you can work with the same technician from session to session who will be familiar with your computer and its history

When looking for immediate, cost-effective, expert computer support and information for your business, you're now able to get what you need without leaving your desk.

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