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Weekly Tip
Self Assess for Success

Experts claim small-business owners must understand their own strong points and limitations. Self assessment helps would-be entrepreneurs play to their strengths and compensate for weaknesses.

Here is a checklist of criteria – culled from the collective wisdom of pundits –successful business owners should possess:

  • Being a self-starter
  • Strong communication and rapport-building skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Physical and emotional stamina
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Positive attitudes and drive
  • Family support

Solid "right stuff" behaviors coming out of the assessment can generate the level of drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, will power, nerve and self-sacrifice necessary to run a successful small business.

If you find yourself deficient in one or more of these areas, compensate by hiring an employee or partner possessing the skills you lack. Better yet, develop these traits in yourself by working with a business coach or attending community college classes targeting entrepreneurs.

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