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How to Squeeze the Most Value Out of Customer Requests
When owning a business, you are going to have customer complaints and requests. Both can be beneficial to the company as a whole. Knowing what to take out of each and every one and applying it towards your business is crucial.... more
How To Become Your Own Best Business Idea Generator
Great business ideas are out there. You may have just not found them yet.... more
8 Free Online Courses to Boost your Business Success: The Best...
Learning all the tips and tricks to make your business successful is important. With these free online courses you are one click away from a better business.... more
How to use Facebook Tagging to Create Marketing Synergy
Marketing is a very important part of any business. Using social media, like Facebook, and learning the proper ways to use it can create marketing synergy.... more
How to Take The Essential First Step For a Successful Press...
Compile your own distribution lists and target specific groups with your Press Releases. Nobody knows who you are trying to reach better than you.... more
The Hidden Importance of Employee Social Media Post
Boast away! Encourage positive social media posts by your team. It could benefit the company and the employees in the long run.... more
Google Googled 'What makes a successful team?' – here's what they...
Every business owner wants a successful team. A recent study shows exactly what it takes to have successful and reliable employees.... more
How to Fill Your Tanks to Propel You Through Your Day
Grab some inspiration every morning so you can power your way through your day.... more
The Lesson of the 1-Legged Seagull
Learning how to stand out from the rest on the internet is important for your marketing strategy.... more
Get 100s of Blog Topics With One Word and One Click
Looking for a blog topic? The right format can bring you to 'position zero'.... more
How Strong Are Your Skills in These 6 Critical Online Marketing...
Do you have the skills? You need to be up to the minute on the ever changing skills required to have a successful online marketing campaign.... more
6 Management Mistakes That Will Kill Employee Motivation
A lot of times management mistakes can greatly effect employees’ motivation when it comes to work. It can be little things that are easily overlooked or major changes that should take place.... more
How Negativity Can Overpower Your Good Intentions
Having good communication with your customers and going above and beyond to help them will make your business seem approachable.... more
Keys to Engaging the Perpetually Connected Customer
Maintaining a constant connection to this digital reality is very important in this day and age. It’s important to have a market strategy that includes all digital avenues.... more
Are you Striking Deals or Forming Strategic Relationships?
Do not just strike deals, form strategic relationships. As important as negotiating is, other elements are becoming increasingly important due to the multiple channels of communication.... more
To Improve Your Cyber-Security, Go Phishing!
Be proactive about protecting yourself and your business online. Get 'schooled' on the art of Phishing.... more
The ABCs (and PDFs) of Moving to a Paperless Office
With the increase of the use of mobile devices and virtual teams, paperless offices are becoming more and more of a thing. To make the switch less stressful using apps and finding out some useful tips is important.... more
Use Tutorials To Establish Authority and Build Relationships
YouTube tutorials allow you a large number of followers for minimal cost. Is not that what every small business wants to achieve?... more
Explore The 'Unknown' to Propel Your Small Business Forward
It's always a good idea to directly survey your customers. Make it part of your company's procedures to always be interested in finding out what your customers are seeking.... more
Use Your NPS to Guide Your Business
As a business owner, it is important to see the big picture. Using the net promoter score (NPS) is perhaps the best single metric that will give you the big picture in regards to how your business is doing.... more
Four Content Strategies for Micromarketing
The beauty of micromarketing is that you can get the margin you need if you are able to find the people willing to pay your price..... more
10 Sure-Winner Blog Post Ideas
Reviewing these ideas are sure to help you overcome your writer's block and help you write your next blog post or create your next video.... more
Use These Two Google Apps to Reclaim Productive Time
In today's day and age, you can manage and be more productive with your time by using these two Google apps.... more
4 Websites To Explore When You Need A Good Business or...
With some smart Internet searches and deep thinking, developing viable business ideas is within reach of virtually everyone.... more
Revealed: The Hidden Value of a CRM System
If you want to increase the overall value of your organization and increase sales, then you need to have a good customer relationship management (CRM) system.... more
Are Your Small Business Goals Too Low?
Are you setting high enough goals for your small business? Everybody wants their business to thrive and grow, in order to do so you need to set big goals.... more
Do This Small Business Owner Self-Examination So You Can Get Well...
How much money it is costing owners of small businesses to live with a digitally unhealthy small business. By taking this quiz you can find out your digital trends.... more
10 tips: How to create a core team you can trust
Having a core team you can trust is a very important aspect of your business.... more
20 Quotes To Encourage The New Entrepreneur
When you are starting out on a venture, or hoping to, you need to let your imagination run free. Some of these famous quotes are a great place to start.... more
8 Small Business Hacks for Growth and Productivity
A helpful way to boost your business is to learn from others' mistakes and/or successes.... more
Three Automated Ways to Reuse and Recycle for Marketing Success
Plug-ins like Revive Old Post, Edgar, and SocialJukebox can re-share old posts on a schedule you set up.... more
Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Where Do You Stand
When you can answer certain questions about your vision, your passion, and your desire for a certain lifestyle, you can then decide if you belong in the small business owner or entrepreneur category.... more
Create A Small Business Focus Group for Insights, Loyalty, and Profits
With all the online tools we have, even small business owners can pull together a focus group that has the potential to increase sales and profits. Focus groups will tell you what you are doing right and what areas need some work.... more
How To Get in The Best Small Business Directory for Your...
Getting listed in the right small business directory (or directories) delivers some major benefits. It aids your local marketing efforts, makes your business more local-customer friendly, and it boosts your SEO.... more
How To Know For Sure You're Ready For Remote Employees
Your management style and communication systems will determine if remote employees are a good idea for your business.... more
Small Business Management: When is It Time to Move on, Dig...
Persistence is great, but do not persist yourself out of business. Know when to continue the fight and give it more time and know when to throw in the towel. Consider finding a mentor or hiring a coach to walk you through the stages of a new business.... more
Showcase Real-Life Testimonials on Your Business's Website to Build Trust
Online reviews and customer testimonials determine your online reputation.... more
Four Tips To Prevent and Handle Workplace Conflict
When conflicts arise between people in your workplace it must be addressed quickly or it can affect your profitability.... more
How to Make Your Small Business Website a Powerful Business Website
About half of small businesses lack a website. This is a critical business mistake. A website is essential to building your business and an email list will help launch your online marketing.... more
Ready to Escape the Cube? A Checklist
Put together a list of your personality traits along with your business plan and see if you have what it takes to run a successful business.... more
3 Ways to Get Your Product in Stores and In Front...
Do your research on how and where to advertise and show people exactly how your product or service is something they need and will appreciate.... more
Open-Ended Questions: Your Key to Sales Success
When you ask the right questions and listen to and process the answers, you are well on your way to becoming a successful salesperson. Being forceful will not close the deal. Building a rapport and gaining the customers trust will open the door to a successful sale.... more
How To Use Your Loyalty Program For Savvy Market Research
Customer loyalty can be a vital component towards your market research and online registration is where you will want to focus. Your collection of important customer demographics will be easiest through online registration where you can create a valuable database.... more
9 Small Business Gmail Plugins to Boost Your Productivity, Bottom Line
We are always looking for ways to enhance productivity. Check out Gmail plugins such as Todolist, Rapportive, Streak, and to renovate and organize your inbox.... more
Wooing A Big Business? Don't Make This Common Pricing Mistake
When trying to land a big client a small business can gain some leverage by using a few tricks that make them look larger than they are. Just don't bite off more than you can chew. Choose your options wisely or you could end up sinking your ship.... more
Free Tools To Optimize Your All-Important Local Listings
In today's society, quick access and response time can be what makes or breaks a deal. Be sure your business is fully “present”, accurate and quickly accessible in the mobile computing world or you could "miss the boat" on a new customer.... more
Fire Employees Wisely, or Pay the Price
When firing an employee, business owners need to conduct themselves a certain way so as to avoid emotional and/or legal entanglements. To avoid these situations, hire smart and have good job descriptions in place when you bring new employees on board.... more
5 Off-the-Wall Tips to Boost Your Small Business
Here are some random tips to help boost your business.... more
How to Harness the Power of 6-second Viral Videos
Use a six second video to express what makes your business different.... more
Photos to improve your local small business SEO
Photos can be used to boost your small business SEO.... more
3 Paths to Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Check out the 3 paths to Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing.... more
Why Your Company Needs A Clear, Written Mission Statement and Tips...
A mission statement is important to help keep your business goals in mind when you and your employees may lose sight of the big picture.... more
4 Shopping Apps To Keep Small Business Retailers Ahead of the...
Using a Price Comparison App is an easy and inexpensive way to get the basic information you need to stay price competitive as a Small Business Retailer.... more
Small Business Marketing Ideas: A 3-Step Proactive Approach to Word-of-Mouth Advertising
Here are three critical steps to help you create a purposeful word-of-mouth advertising program.... more
Fail Your Way to Small Business Success
The fear of failure should not hold you back from perusing a business venture, instead you should embrace failure and feed from it. Much of our experience is acquired through mistakes and failure. If you ever want to succeed, you must get back up and try again.... more
Why Teams Led by Nice Guys Finish First
When it comes to job satisfaction and performance, a range of factors can be of influence. Most importantly, the value of working for someone who is able to treat others with respect and kindness goes a long way in establishing a productive work environment. A boss or manage's...... more
Two Simple Ways to Boost Your Sales in 2016
Be persistent, but care about the people you are serving. That is always a winning one-two combination.... more
Four Reasons You Need to Launch Your Startup Early
It usually takes entrepreneurs three times to become successful. Start your launch early to be ahead of the game.... more
Smart Tips for a Successful Business Lunch
When planning a business lunch, do a little planning ahead of time and try to keep it simple.... more
Why Your Business Will Only Grow As Big As You Grow...
Grow yourself into being the competent, take-charge business owner you know you can be.... more
Top 7 Start-up Business Mistakes
Avoiding these common start-up business mistakes will lead your business in the right direction.... more
Considering a Groupon? 5 Pitfalls You Must Avoid
Try to avoid these pitfalls when considering offering a Groupon deal.... more
Don't Depend On Homeowner's Insurance for Your Home-Based Business
Will your Homeowner's Insurance cover your home-based business or do you require additional coverage?... more
Personality Key Ingredient for Start-up Success
There is something all successful entrepreneurs seem to share. They have the right personality to succeed. What is the right personality? Let's take a look.... more
6 Tips To Get the Greatest Return From Your Conference Investment
Conferences can be great events that contribute to your long-term success.... more
Make Your Website Work For Your Small Business
Let's face it, websites are the new face of our businesses. If your website is not compelling and timely, you are losing money. Here are some thoughts on that.... more
Careless Credit Policies Can Create Cash Concerns
Offering credit to customers could lead to payment/collection problems.... more
3 Tips for Building a Turbocharged Sales Team
Just putting out a Help Wanted poster is not going to get you the sales force you need to grow your business. How do you find the best people? We have some ideas.... more
One Simple Question: The Key to Becoming a Master Networker
If there is one key word to describe the most important part of networking, that word is, listen.... more
Calculating Start-up Costs is Part Science and Part Intuition
You have decided to start up your own small business. Probably the biggest hurdle up front is determining exactly what it will cost to open the door.... more
6 Common Technology Mistakes to Avoid in Your Small Business
High tech is here to stay and as a business owner you need to make it work for you. It is a lot harder that you might think but we can help.... more
Five Ways to Build Your Small Business After Hours
If your business needs a kick start to take off, perhaps it is YOU who needs to be kicked out of your office and into the world. Let's examine that idea.... more
Three Ways to Score Meeting Room Wins
Business is layered in meetings, a critical key to success. How you present your ideas in these meetings is also critical. Here are some ideas to help you.... more
How to Successfully Hire the Right Attorney for Your Small Biz
As you build your company's bullpen of specialized advisors, one of the most critical players will be your business attorney. Let's examine what you need and where and how to find it.... more
How To Find Your Ideal Startup
If you are looking to start a new business, follow some practical guidelines to help you find your idea.... more
Is Your Small Business Suffering Because You Are a Bad Boss?
Is it possible you are a bad boss? Do you understand what makes a bad boss? It is something that can undermine your small business. Let's see what kind of boss you really are.... more
Pay Hikes, Bonuses or Added Perks: Which are Best for Your...
More vacation time bonuses versus across the board raises healthcare perks great ideas for your employees, but what is best for your company? Let's have a look... more
Is All Publicity, Good? How to Manage Negative Online Comments
Here is some advice on how to deal with social media critics for businesses.... more
Is it Time to throw in the Towel? Before You Do,...
Before you shut the doors and close your business, make sure you’ve examined everything that may be keeping your business from total success. Here is how.... more
12 Tips to Get Winning Reviews for Your Business
When you cannot compete with the prices of the large chains, excel in superior customer service and you will see how it pays off in the long run.... more
Customer Service: The Small Business Advantage
When you cannot compete with the prices of the large chains, excel in superior customer service and you will see how it pays off in the long run.... more
The Workday is Short: Here's How to Make the Most of...
If you are finding it hard to get all your work done during the work week, take a hard look at how controlling social media can solve your problems.... more
How To Get The Right Person On Your Tax Team
Working with the right tax preparer can help reduce the stress as well as taxes owed.... more
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