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Google Calendar Has a New Look With Improved Features

Google plans to finally implement the long-awaited changes to the desktop version of Calendar. The makeover will not only enhance its aesthetics and put it on par with its mobile counterparts but also give the desktop app cool new features to boost user productivity.

One of the more visible changes in the revamped desktop Calendar will be its size. The new Calendar will now automatically adjust depending on the size of your computer screen which should make it easier to navigate.

But the Calendar redesign is more than just skin deep. The new version will be packed with useful features design to make your work life a bit easier.

With the new update, users to are now able to link spreadsheets and documents for meetings directly to the Google Calendar, eliminating the need to open other apps.

The new Calendar app will also make scheduling meetings in the real world a bit easier as it now lets you search for available conference rooms and book them for meetings. According to Tech Republic, the upgraded app will also support conference room details. This will aid organizers in picking the ideal venue since they can search for rooms that have particular audiovisual equipment or even ones that are accessible by wheelchair.

Time management gets easier too. At a glance, the new app will allow busy workers to see the status of each meeting invite as they are now color-coded, according to a Google blog post. They can assign a particular color for meetings with confirmed attendees and another color for invites that have not yet responded. On the other hand, meetings and that were answered a “maybe” will be shown with diagonal lines across them while events that they have declined will be crossed out.

Google is planning to roll out the updated Calender between Nov 14 and 28 but companies already had the option to manually update their desktop Calendar app since last Tuesday.

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