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Dental Insurance for the Kids?
Dental insurance can be very pricey and may not seem worth it. This applies even more so when it comes to kids dental insurance. Ways around this would be to self-insure for dental.... more
Wait on the Honeymoon?
Spending money after loosing a job is usually not a good idea. However, some things that have already been planned and thought out may be okay to do. As long as you've been serious about saving and getting rid of your debt; there is always room for exceptions.... more
Strained Relationship Over Borrowed Money?
Loaning or borrowing money from friends or relatives can become complicated and put strains on your relationships with each other. When involving people close to you, it's ok to help each other out with financial situations, just as long as it's a responsible decision and well thought out.... more
Providing Great Service Secret to Becoming Great Salesperson
To be a great salesperson, make helping people your first order of business.... more
Should I Use My 401(k) To Pay Off My Truck?
Following the Baby Steps will lead you to financial peace.... more
Emergency Fund in Cash?
Having valuables or a cash emergency fund in your house is okay to do, as long as you don't keep it all there. Having a safety deposit box at a local bank is great idea. Having this will prevent loosing all of it due to fire or theft.... more
Pay it Off!
Whether it's low interest or high interest, it's still interest! If you have the money to pay off one of your loans, do it. When possible, it is always best to pay for things up front, in full.... more
Close Up Small Business?
A huge part of life and being a business owner is understanding things don't always go as planned. Opening a business can be a risk and can take a turn for the worst at any moment. Learning to stay committed and to see things through to the end...... more
Spending Money in the Budget?
If you and your spouse are in good financial shape, there is nothing wrong with finding money in your budget for personal spending. Problems only start when the topic of how much money to budget or what you're spending it on becomes a disagreement.... more
Mortgage Disability Insurance?
It is not typically recommended to get mortgage disability insurance. A better option would be to get long-term disability insurance which is usually inexpensive and can be obtained by your current employer.... more
Fix It, or Buy Another?
Saving money while trying to pay off debt can be challenging. Making smart decisions and putting budgets in place can make financial decisions easier and save you money in the long run.... more
Forgive the Debt?
Proceed with plenty of caution when loaning money to family or friends.... more
Sell Personal Car to Help Pay Business Debt?
Find your company's sweet spot and learn how to maximize your profits.... more
Planning and Success
The most important thing to keep in mind when wanting to switch your career is, it takes planning in order to have success. Before you leave your current job, you need something set in stone to replace it.... more
Need Life Insurance With No Dependents?
Life insurance is mainly put in place so nobody can be harmed financially with your passing. If you have no debt, single and no dependents it is not necessary for you to have one.... more
Paying Off Credit Cards
Debt can be hard to get rid of with all of your other financial responsibilities. Using your savings to pay off your credit cards is okay but with some conditions.... more
ID Theft Protection in the Baby Steps?
Identity theft protection should be covering everyone in your household, including the kids. Unless you are completely off the grid, it is something everyone needs.... more
EE Bond Dilemma
Getting out of debt sometimes means having to get rid of things you don't want. For instance, a car that is out of your budget should not be your priority when trying to rid yourself of debt.... more
Secured vs. Unsecured Debt?
Whether it is secured or unsecured debt, both still put you at risk for losing your possessions. With secured debt, the loss will happen sooner and a lot easier than unsecured.... more
Larger Emergency Fund?
Being laid off or your company going downhill fast can be scary. Having an emergency fund that covers three to six months of expenses will make your transition in-between jobs a lot less stressful.... more
Impress them!
Your sure to miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Step up and give it your best every chance you get.... more
Communicate and Work Together
Teach your children the value of earning, saving and giving in lieu of just showering them with stuff.... more
Don't Allow Them to Break the Rules
Debt collectors have many rules and laws they must follow. For instance, they are not allowed to speak to anyone but you about the details of your debt.... more
Finding Responsible Renters
Choosing renters can be tricky and stressful. Making some changes, like bigger deposits, credit checks, and face to face interviews will help lead you in the right direction.... more
Don't Cash Out Retirement
You should not be using your retirement plan as a debt eraser. Being eager to pay off debt is a positive thing but cashing in a retirement plan to do so is a negative one.... more
The Numbers Don't Lie
Statistically speaking, all debt is a roadblock between people and wealth. Meaning, all debt is a negative thing.... more
You Must Pay a Price to Win
A lot of people live in the moment and don't have a solid financial plan for their future. Being careful and smart with your money now doesn't mean you can't still have fun while doing so.... more
Hiring the Right Person
Businesses have problems with hiring a majority of the time. Learning ways to choose the right candidates is a process business owners should have down.... more
Insurance After Diagnosis
When health issues get in the way of obtaining life insurance, try to find the nonconventional policies to hold you over until something better comes along.... more
Keep It Simple and Safe
Do not invest your emergency fund! Let it sit in an account and don't touch it until it's needed.... more
Allow Them to Earn It
Teach kids the importance of earning, saving and giving.... more
Alway a Written Confirmation
Getting a formal paid in full statement when you've completed paying off your debt is always a good idea.... more
Artistic Endeavors
A hobby that brings in money is called a business.... more
No Obligation Here
Family or not there is never obligations you have to follow through on, especially when it comes to financial situations. When it comes to your own hard-earned money, you do what you feel is necessary not what others think.... more
Step by Step
Deciding when to go ahead and take on a mortgage can be a scary, confusing time. Such a big commitment needs a lot of thinking and planning, along with looking in depth of your finances.... more
Controlling Your Cash
Control your money. Plan a monthly budget and prioritize your spending.... more
Teach Them While They're Young
It's never too early to learn basic money management.... more
Postpone the Marriage?
With all the right basics in place, it's okay to go into a marriage with some debt.... more
It Takes Two
Luxuries should come AFTER the finances are in order. Everyone needs to prioritize.... more
Stand up to Them!
You have a legal obligation to pay off your debt but collectors have rules to follow as well. Don't be afraid to stand up to them and not get taking advantage of.... more
Save Up, or Get a Mortgage?
Being debt-free is what everybody strives for. However, sometimes it is ok to add some type of debt to your name, like a home mortgage.... more
It's Baby Step 1 for a Reason
Even if you have some extra income and want to start reducing your debt, you shouldn't. The first step is an emergency fund, which you may find you need when paying off your debt.... more
First, Lay a Solid Foundation
Having a solid foundation is important before you have and spend some extra money. It's just another example of hard work paying off and being worth it in the end.... more
Why not Short-term Disability?
Short term disability insurance...gimmick or good idea?... more
Low vs. No
Low credit scores vs. No credit scores...not the same thing. Focus on paying off all of your existing debt, which will help you qualify for a mortgage.... more
Tiny Home Depreciation?
Don't invest in things that don't have proven track records and don't go up in value.... more
Laptop Dilemma
Don't make promises you can't keep. You're reality should keep you on budget.... more
Stop Spending Completely?
Learn the difference between need and want. Necessities are needed, wants are not.... more
Selling a Car With An Upside Down Loan?
... more
What happens to the Debt?
Unless you have a co-signer for your debt, once you pass away your debt will be covered through your assets.... more
Expenses, not Income
When putting together an emergency fund you need to base it off of household expenses not your income. It is not just a fund for covering income loss, it is a fund for any emergency.... more
Better Late Than Never
Pay off debt as quickly as possible. The longer you wait the more you will end up owing.... more
Don't Let it Hang Around!
Prioritize your way to financial freedom. You can't save and plan for the future when all your income is going towards debt.... more
Many Already Know
It is not your job to convince anyone that the government isn't the solution to their problem. Chances are they already know that.... more
Access to my Checking Account?
You have to be careful when giving out your checking account information. Most of the time it is entirely safe giving access to your account unless it is a debt collector.... more
Two Extremes
Keeping track of your own money and finances is very important. Even a parent can be proven not trustworthy.... more
Here's a Better Idea
Give yourself a higher return. Instead of investing in something with minimal return, choose a product that gives you the best return.... more
Not As Bad, But Still Not Smart
Why pay a fee for something you can get for free?... more
Keep It In Your Own Pocket
A tax refund is exactly that. It's not a gift from good ole Uncle Sam. You're getting back what you already paid out.... more
Layoff Insurance?
Not all insurance is worth it. Have a stocked emergency fund and you can insure yourself without paying someone else to do it.... more
Pre-planning Explained
Pre-planning is different than pre-paying. Instead of paying for something that's far into the future, invest it so you can easily pay it when the time comes. That way you're not losing any money, rather gaining money.... more
Quit Job For School?
Some things may sound like a good idea, but are gone about in a dumb way. Really thinking through major financial situations and ideas before acting on them is the best way to handle it.... more
Well Meaning, but Misguided
If you need a co-signer for big purchases like a house, chances are you are not ready to own your own house. Being smart with your money, credit, and savings is important.... more
Boss Says Get a Credit Card
There should be no need to front any of the money for expenses when you work for a company. Businesses should be covering expenses without putting you in an uncomfortable position.... more
Elimination Period
The elimination period of a disability policy is the time between when you are declared disabled by a doctor to the time you start receiving payments.... more
Rent-To-Own Process & Whether it Makes Any Sense
Rent-to-own scenarios usually end up costing you more than buying it outright.... more
When Can I Have Some Fun?
Dave recommends the first 3 baby steps before having a little fun.... more
No Cash Businesses?
Debit and credit cards are becoming more and more common for the only form of payment. However, dealing with no cash businesses can be annoying to deal with.... more
Renting to Family?
Don't play the because we're family... card. When renting to family be sure all parties understand what is expected.... more
Make Your Meetings Productive and Meaningful
Meetings are important in the business world and can be very productive when done right. A lot of times meetings can start late, no one is paying attention and will drag on. Learning how to maneuver around those obstacles will increase your company’s productivity and communication!... more
No Commodities
The commodities market is extremely volatile and the prices on commodities isn't based on actual production. Because of this, it is not the smartest thing to keep as part of your investment.... more
Mortgage Ratios
There are so many questions and options when it comes to mortgages. Since it is a big financial commitment, a lot of planning and research should go into it.... more
Time to Raise Prices?
Business decisions regarding price increases need to take into account the current market for your services or product, how busy you are and if you can withstand a possible reduction in customer base. Quality services and products can demand higher prices.... more
Generosity or Overspending?
As nice as it is to help others, it's wise to take care of your own family first and then proceed with your charitable ways.... more
Separating Bold From Obnoxious
Follow up! After an interview be sure to follow up with the person in charge of making the hiring decisions.... more
How much should we give our grandkids for Christmas?
Is a gift card the right choice? Consider the age of the recipient and always keep your financial situation in mind when giving a gift.... more
Apps and Stocks?
Investing in any type of stock can be confusing and a risk. Taking time to research and learn all that you can before making any purchases is the smartest way to go about it.... more
The Past Can Haunt You
The past can come back to haunt you in all aspects of your life. When it pops back up financially, it can be a tough thing to handle.... more
No Electronic Access!
Avoid giving debt collectors access to your accounts and debit cards. Even if you think it's legit.... more
Lead With Your Head and Your Heart
In order to be successful and grow your business, you need to know how to lead your team. It takes a lot of brain and heart in not only your business but your personal life as well.... more
Stay Intense!
The more you put toward your debt, the faster it goes away.... more
Get It Now!
There are so many options when it comes to life insurance. The younger you are when getting it, the better.... more
It's a Dream, Not a Plan
Turning a dream into a solid plan is possible but breaking it down into goals will make is easier to achieve.... more
Used Car Warranties?
Used car warranties can be expensive and have little benefit for you. The best way to cover yourself is to buy smart and self-insure.... more
Married or Single, Budgeting Is The Key
Whether you're married or single, staying on track with your finances can be difficult. Living on a budget and never spending more than you make are some good tips.... more
Used Car Mileage?
When buying a used car, be sure to do your research and make the best possible choice of what will last you the longest.... more
You're Under No Obligation
If you your adult children the gift of education it should be met with just as much gratitude and appreciation.... more
Touch People's Hearts
If you don't trust the doctors' office practices, then why should you trust their medical opinions?... more
The Right Way to Let Someone Go
When running a small business, firing someone can be a difficult task. Before acting, you need to thoroughly think it through and prepare for the meeting. When done right, your team will still respect you and you won’t feel guilty.... more
Touching their Hearts
Get kids to give. Involve your kids in the acts of giving and doing for others.... more
Budgeting for Taxes
Answers to new business startup wanting to know how to budget for taxes paid on a quarterly basis.... more
Rental Properties? Baby Step 6
During the debt snowball, which baby step is the right step to start working on a rental property that money is owed on?... more
Wait on IVF?
When making a large financial commitment, explore all options before finalizing your commitment.... more
Vacation Home For Rent?
A vacation home could be a good investment, as long as you are debt free and are ok with the upkeep.... more
Leasing Equals Financing
Leasing is just another form of financing.... more
He's Becoming a Man
Handling and managing money can be a tricky task. Whether you are younger or older learning the best techniques to keep your budget working properly is important.... more
Debt Snowball Reasoning
Being in debt is a more of a behavioral issue than a financial issue. Change your behavior and you will see the financial changes fall into place.... more
Spring Cleaning Your Business
When owning and operating a business, your schedule can become very crowded. You and your business need a breath of fresh air. Managing your company and getting rid of unnecessary files can be a great start to the fresh air that is well deserved.... more
Where Do I Put The Money?
Gold is a volatile investment. Mutual funds are a better option for long term savings.... more
Help parents, or pay student loans?
Knowing how to avoid a financial crisis situation is half the battle. Having someone fix it for you is only a temporary crutch.... more
What's Reasonable Fun?
Having a great income-to-asset ratio and living debt free gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a few things.... more
We Can Afford It On a 30-year Mortgage
A 15 year fixed rate mortgage is a better way to go than a 30 year. It will end your debt in less time and free up your income that much faster.... more
No Retirement Cash At 58
You need to get out of debt before you can build for retirement.... more
Pre-Paid Debit Cards For Kids?
Dave doesn't recommend using pre-paid debit cards to kids.... more
Become Debt-free Before Marriage?
Dave says that you can get married before becoming debt free. You and your new spouse can work together as one to get rid of any debt.... more
You Still Need One
If you have a very stable employment situation you can get away with an emergency fund that is on the lower end of the spectrum.... more
You Need a Better Plan
When you know a low or no income period is coming you need to plan ahead. Your emergency fund is not there to cover this predicted period of time.... more
Expand Your Mind in 2019
As an entrepreneur or businessperson you want to surround yourself with people can help you grow. Being in a peer group can be very beneficial and make you a better businessperson.... more
Time to Leave
Dave talks about how to handle a family member that potentially is taking advantage of members of their own family.... more
Turn This Into A Blessing!
Planning for the future is a part of life that should never get pushed aside. In the long run, it pays off and keeps you financially in the clear.... more
Problem Plan
Don't take out a loan pay off another loan, but instead work hard to pay off the current loan.... more
Home Improvement Debt?
Debt is something that can be avoided if you are extremely smart and careful with your money. Knowing when to take out loans and when to say no to things is important.... more
A Bad Move
It is best to get term insurance than whole life insurance. Don't ever borrow money on your whole life insurance if you have one.... more
First, Get a Real Job
Loans and insurance policies can put you in debt very quickly. Keeping a real job and staying on top of your financial situation can keep you one step ahead.... more
A Bad Method At This Stage
Having other investors in a project is like taking on partners. Be wise in your decision to put yourself in this position.... more
Hands off the Emergency Fund!
... more
Discussing and Negotiating
Whether you are trying to negotiate a salary or learning when a money situation is considered an emergency, it takes research and budgets.... more
It's Just Around the Corner
Setting and achieving your business and personal goals takes a commitment of time to plan and time to review where you are. Work on your goals one at a time and review frequently to see how you are doing.... more
Threaten to Garnish
Stay informed, debt collectors can't simply garnish your wage without going to the appropriate legal process. It is unlawful for them to threaten wage garnishment.... more
Rental House Being Foreclosed
Whether it's your debt or a landlord's debt effecting you, there is always a way out. Seeking advice and finical help should be your first step.... more
Dip In, Pay It Off!
If you have enough money in your emergency fund to cover an actual emergency then dip in and use it.... more
Let Him Be Mad
Debt is something almost everyone encounters at some point in there life. Learning when to say no to things or people and knowing how to budget your money and savings can help you stay debt free.... more
The Family Nightmare
Big decisions need to be made with your spouse being in the loop. Lack of consideration of your partner leads to additional problems in a marriage.... more
Keep the Bike!
Family heirlooms are best kept for personal reasons. As long s there's another way to get by financially, try to avoid selling it.... more
Pass on this Deal
Owning a home is probably going to be one of your biggest expenses throughout your life. With that, it comes with a lot of big financial and personal decisions. Thinking long and hard about these decisions is the best way to go.... more
To File, or Not to File?
Making an insurance claim on your home, make sure the claim is worth it because the consequences can be a rate increase or cancellation.... more
Too Much Risk
It's not a good idea to risk the majority of your net worth in a single stock. Diversify your investments to reduce your risk.... more
Old Meets New
You do not need a big advertising budget to get your business and your product noticed. There are many creative ways to produce results. A mix of old and new ways will help.... more
What to do with the Leftover?
When budgeting your money for the month, it's ok to allow any extra money to roll over to the next month.... more
What's Your Priority?
Getting your priorities straight is the key in being successful and being able to figure out what your next move is. Whether it's when you should buy instead of leasing for your business or when to move out on your own, priorities are key.... more
Buy or Lease a Building?
Getting your priorities straight is the key in being successful and being able to figure out what your next move is. Whether it's when you should buy instead of leasing for your business or when to move out on your own, priorities are key.... more
Skipping to the Altar
If education is already paid for make a substitution. Plan ahead and start saving for a wedding, home or other large expense.... more
Midlife Adjustments?
Having an emergency fund should be your priority. Before you start saving for a house have your emergency fund set and ready to go if needed.... more
You Can't Fix It For Her
Always be careful whom you take loans from and whom you give loans to.... more
Mortgage for the Deduction?
Being smart about your money is the main way to stay debt free.... more
Bad Advice from a Bad Friend
If you have racked up credit card bills, it is your obligation to pay them. Don't try to manipulate your way out of the mess you got yourself into.... more
Giving Wisely
When our hearts are open to the concept of helping others, do so wisely. Make sure your own affairs are in order and then feel free to help those less fortunate.... more
Setting Goals is Only the First Step
Setting goals will push you and your team to achieve things you might not have thought possible... more
Crowdfunding Real Estate?
Whether it's real estate or life insurance, you're going to have questions. Both are important things to gain knowledge on from as many sources as possible.... more
How Late is Too Late?
Whether it's real estate or life insurance, you're going to have questions. Both are important things to gain knowledge on from as many sources as possible.... more
Ethics and Integrity
There's nothing wrong with learning all you can from other companies to open your own. Just be sure not to cross the line with what you bring over to your table.... more
Don't Compromise Your Emergency Fund
Always try to avoid dipping into your emergency fund whenever possible. Your emergency fund tends to keep emergencies away. When it's not there, an emergency is bound to hit.... more
Do the Manly Thing
When in debt, your overtime pay doesn't give you free rein to spend your extra wages on fun. Prioritize your needs first and then if there's a little extra you can justify a small treat.... more
Teens and Checkbooks
When teaching kids about finances, start small and have them prove they are able to take over the control of their money.... more
Why the Smallest Debt First?
Dave discusses why to tackle the smallest debt first when following the debt baby steps.... more
Roth Over Pension
Whether it's deciding to get pensions or IRAs, or how to break bad habits and pay off your debt, we can all benefit from professional advice. Seeking professional advice will put you on the right path and answer all of your questions.... more
Ready to Launch?
By paying attention to the details of your business from the very beginning, you automatically increase your probability of success!... more
You Skipped One
A fully funded emergency fund is extremely important to have because unexpected emergencies never seems to happen at the right time.... more
It Doesn't Have to be a Deal Breaker
When furthering your education, consider the amount of already accumulated debt you have and then decide if you want to add to that or find a plan that can start alleviating some of it.... more
Collections and Creditors Question
Once a debt has been turned over to collections your credit damage is already done. Come to an agreement with the collection agency and start paying off what you owe as quickly as possible.... more
Get Rid of the Cards
It's always wiser to choose debit over credit when given the choice. Debit transactions are more likely to keep you out of the debt credit cards tend to suck you into. Are the rewards points really worth the risk?... more
No Magic Number
If you have reached a point in your business that you are considering changing to an LLC, make sure the processing and filing fees are worth the switch at that time.... more
Beware of Overspending at Warehouse Clubs
Warehouse clubs can be a great place for bargains but be careful not to get too much of a good thing.... more
Not Ready for a House
A choice of whether to get a secured credit card or not towards building credit?... more
What Will Won't Work?
In life there are a lot of choices you have to make and you have to be smart about them. Whether it is how your will is going to be done or building credit and buying a house, it can be confusing. Seeking professional and legal help for...... more
His Wife's Final Gift
When given some devastating news, don't give up hope, continue to have faith and focus on making the best with what you have.... more
Praise and Raise
Bringing value to the company, proving yourself as a hard-working and consistent contributor to a company is what would qualify someone to get a raise.... more
IRA to Gold? Bad Idea
You want to fund your IRA with something that has a long track record based on growth due to the performance of the companies involved, not something like gold that is very volatile once the economy picks up.... more
Wife Wins
When the rules of paying off debt from smallest to largest don't apply you should knock out the one with the highest interest rate first.... more
The Teacher was Wrong
Dave advises student about credit rating and savings required to buy a home.... more
Dying Car or Kill the Student Loan?
Dave responds to question of paying off student loan debt with savings or purchasing a newer car to replace junky old one.... more
Dissolve the LLC?
If the operating costs of an LLC don't outweigh the income it receives it would be beneficial to leave it open.... more
Cash is a Better Security Blanket
Instead of keeping credit cards on hand as a security blanket try to put away enough cash for your emergency fund and access it through a debit card.... more
Dave's Take on Layaway
Law away programs should not be something you make a habit of using. If you don't have the cash for it then you can't afford it. Save up for something and get it when you have the funds available.... more
Trashing Your Truck
It's never a good idea to drain your family's finances to purchase a work vehicle that will inevitably get destroyed by its daily use.... more
You're Using It Wrong
Debit works the same as credit without having to input your PIN.... more
Planning to Lead
Your business needs a plan in order to succeed, and so do the leaders running it.... more
Jobs From Home?
No matter what problems you are facing in your life, there are solutions for all of them. Reaching out to more than one person to help you figure out what should be done is a smart choice.... more
Run From That Guy
Don't switch your 401(k) to a hybrid annuity. There is less cost involved in a 401(k) compared to annuity. Both do the same job protecting your money from taxes as your money grows.... more
Helping Dad
If someone has a history of financial irresponsibility then by helping them get out of a debt is only enabling their poor choices and keeping the pattern going.... more
Cash Flow School?
In lieu of taking on more debt in order to pay for school try to start paying for future tuition in cash and work on eliminating your current debt as quickly as possible. This will ease your debt payments down the road and free you up of any...... more
Why Save Before Paying Off the Mortgage?
Your home is more of an asset than a liability. An emergency fund and a retirement savings are important to have prior to paying off your mortgage. Once those things are accumulated then work towards paying off your mortgage.... more
Get Yourself Out of It
When one, or both, partners in a marriage gets themselves into financial trouble you have to work together, as a unit, to figure out a solution. You have to have communication, unity and shared goals in order to work together to clear up the mess and to avoid...... more
Newlyweds Buy House the First Year?
Newlyweds should spend the first year of marriage getting to know each other better and adjust to being a married couple. Take this time to get better acquainted both emotionally and financially and worry about the house hunting later on.... more
Kicked Out, Starting Out
If you're in a tough situation and your just starting out you need to financially cover the basics, such as food, shelter and transportation, before looking to the future. Once the basics are covered you can venture on to bigger and better things.... more
Mistakes and Solutions
Most lessons taught are learned from mistakes. Leadership skills come with many positive qualities but that does not mean you will not make mistakes, sometimes huge ones.... more
Don't Touch the 401(k)
Withdrawing from your 401(k) to cover credit card debt is not a good idea. You will be hit with penalties and lose out on potential interest that would have been earned. Instead, scrimp and save, maybe even take on a part-time job if needed, and knock out your...... more
Did Dad Do Her Wrong?
Borrowing money from, or loaning money to, a family member or friend can easily lead to hard feelings, anger, and disappointment. Be leery when you intend to mix money and family/friends.... more
Paying Cash Doesn't Make it Smart
When it comes to a Tiny House there is no track record that tells us what kind of resale these types of homes have. This aspect alone can make it a bad financial move.... more
Mother is 95 Years Old; Where Should Retirement Go?
When an elderly person already has their money accounted for it may be better to just leave things as is and not upset them with financial change. Even if they could be getting more with a different type of investment. If they have obtained financial peace don't rock...... more
Accounting 101
Regardless of the size of your company you should always keep your business and personal finances separate so you can accurately see what is going on with your business' finances. In order to figure out your profit you will use a simple equation...Revenue - expenses = your profit.... more
Young, Jobless, and Scared
In the wake of an unexpected job loss, when you don't have any savings to draw from, you do anything and everything to earn some extra money and stay afloat. Then prioritize your debt and go from there. Sacrifices are needed to regain a solid financial footing.... more
Travel Medical Insurance?
When traveling, check with your current medical insurance provider to see if you will be covered under your current policy during your travels. Don't fall into the trap of buying additional travel medical insurance if you don't need it.... more
He Set You Up
When looking to buy a new toy be sure you can pay for it in cash. Items that are not necessities should never be financed and you should never owe any more money on it once you drive it out of the showroom.... more
You Can't Just Cruise
When paying off your debt it's so important to stand up to temptations and avoid getting yourself into further unnecessary debt.... more
The Common Denominators
Be a true team player! Treat your team well and they will reciprocate by delivering their best work. Be part of the team, not just the boss.... more
Be Professional
When leaving a job position, it's always best to leave on good terms. There is never a need to burn a bridge if it isn't necessary. Always be professional, honest and upfront.... more
Retained Earnings Are a Must
In the business world, retained earnings is equal to an emergency fund for your personal finances. It doesn't have to be a big percentage, but you should be setting money aside every month for the company.... more
How Much is Too Much For a Wedding?
When planning a wedding, it's always wise to compare your debt to income ratio. The more debt you have in relation to your income, the smaller your wedding expenses should be. After all, it's not the size of the wedding that will make a good marriage. It's the...... more
Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Adjustable rate mortgages transfer risk to the consumer, and puts the homebuyer in a position where they're at the mercy of the markets when it comes to the amount of their mortgage payments. This factor is definitely something to be aware of when planning on obtaining a mortgage.... more
Rental Runaround
Don't take a chance on wrecking your total money makeover by running out to get a credit card for something silly. Before processing a transaction, double check that they accept the tender you are planning to pay with. If not, find someone who does.... more
Buy the car?
With all the right savings plans in place, retirement, emergency fund and a nest egg, you should allow yourself to splurge on something reasonable here and there. As long as you continue on the right track, enjoy your splurge. You deserve it.... more
Learning and Living
When you are left to make all the financial decisions you should be knowledgeable when doing so. Find the right person to teach you as much as possible so you are able to make the best financial decisions for yourself.... more
What is a Money Market Account?
Money markets are short-term financial instruments that pay the same or slightly more than a traditional savings account. Some are attached to mutual fund companies that allow you to buy right into the money markets.... more
Mother is Elderly; Does She Need Long-term Care Insurance?
Upon reaching 60 years of age you should absolutely require long-term care insurance. Whether you have millions of dollars in assets or just a small nest egg you need to be covered in the case of prolonged medical care or nursing home care.... more
Your Team's Financial Health
Choose a financial wellness plan that will bring lasting success to the financial lives of your team members.... more
Don't Cut Your Safety Net
When just starting your emergency fund, it is always best to start with at least $1,000. Budget yourself and save up as much as possible to accomplish the initial startup and you will feel a new sense of security.... more
Steps in the Process
If you are following the Baby Step program and are looking to sell your home in the process, be sure to have a full funded emergency fund in place when doing so. Don't rely on the equity in your home to supply your emergency fund.... more
Use An Insurance Broker
It is best to use an insurance broker to help find long term care coverage for an elderly person who is sickly.... more
Fighting Fear
Dealing with any financial problems can be scary. Whether its debt that you are in or insurance issues, there is always a solution. Making budgets or contacting an insurance broker are ways you can start fixing your problems.... more
Keep It Simple
Whether its finical problems or accounting problems, there is always a solution. Asking for help will steer you in the right direction to get back on track.... more
Husband's Business is Dying
Family and financial responsibilities come first, if your business is not breaking even then it is time to leave it.... more
Consider the House?
When looking to buy a home be aware of all the downsides. Those will still be relevant when you go to sell in the future, pending those things are still an issue.... more
Health Insurance Options
Avoiding health insurance because of its high premiums is really not an option these days. Look into cheaper options within the healthcare exchange and try to find something more affordable.... more
Is this plan too intense?
When paying down your debt, keep in mind the value of your real estate. It may not be worth selling it and losing the potential appreciation value as the market continues to rise.... more
It's All In How You Handle It
Fear happens to all of us. As a leader, you need to be able to learn how to handle it without letting it control you.... more
Taking the Trip
If your finances seem to be in order and the opportunity arises to have a discounted vacation, take it! We all deserve a little fun now and then.... more
Interest-only Triplex?
Owning real estate and renting out space does not always work out as planned. Sometimes this can be more of a headache than it's worth.... more
Sold Dave three timeshares?
Timeshares are never a good idea!! For the money you spend on a timeshare you could take several really nice vacations, and good luck ever getting rid of it if you do fall into the trap. They are so hard to sell because you don't really own anything.... more
Split it With You
When family and money mix there is usually drama waiting in the wings ready to rear its ugly head at some point. I family members are involved make them aware of your plan and proceed accordingly. If the money is available to pay off a debt, do it...... more
Owing on Commercial
Its' always best to have no debt at all hanging over your head, even when it comes to commercial properties. If there is debt looming above try to follow the debt snowball and eliminate as much as possible as quickly as possible.... more
What's the Deal with Deferred Comp?
Deferred comp plans simply mean you are electing to defer and receive a portion of your compensation at a later time or date. You have a portion of your compensation withheld and directed into an investment of some kind instead, and you aren't taxed on it immediately.... more
Private School is Busting Savings
If you can't afford to send your kids to private school than they shouldn't be going. There is good and bad in all schools and you shouldn't put yourself into hock in order to send them to private school.... more
Baby Steps, Motivation, and Retirement
Take some time to accumulate an emergency fund so as to not dip into other funds when necessary. Work towards achieving higher goals that can possibly make the saving process a little easier.... more
It's for Everyone
The same financial concept applies for large families as it does for smaller ones. The end goal is the same but the means of reaching it may be a little different. With more of a financial drain it may take you longer to reach those goals but consistent...... more
Finding the Right Motivation
After being financially successful sometimes there are other needs that need to be met. There's tons of joy and fulfillment to be found when you're working in a way to serve the people and things that matter most in your life!... more
No More Guilt Trips!
If a person wants to quit their paying jobs to join the ministry that is their choice. However, it's not healthy for them to then financially burden their children or others to pay for their decision. Bitterness and anger are sure to follow.... more
Be There For Each Other, And Don't Give Up!
It is so easy to find yourself in debt and in trouble when it comes to paying it off. However, sometimes paying off your debt cannot always be your first priority.... more
Business Issues and Family
Financial and legal issues can seem tricky to figure out. The best way to handle situations you are unsure about is to talk to an attorney.... more
How to Protect a Special Needs Child with the Baby Step...
Parents find peace of mind by planning for the care of a special needs child through life insurance policies that will go into a managed trust for future care.... more
It's not Discrimination
When applying for a job, always be honest about your financial history. It will be easier to explain what happened that got you into a certain position than it would to explain why you lied about it to begin with. As always, honesty really does seem to be...... more
Snowball Switch?
When working the Debt Snowball, always try to knock out the smallest debt first and then continue to plow through the others to eliminate them one by one. The more you get behind you the more money you can put towards the remaining ones until they are all...... more
Commonsense Calculation
Planning ahead of time for retirement can save you from much grief later on. Decide on what amount or percentage you want to live on down the road and put together a savings/investment plan that will work for you.... more
Improve Your Business and Yourself in 2018
Want to be successful? Have a plan, write down your goals and stick to them.... more
A Free Ride?
Teach your children the benefits of hard work and make them earn the things that they want. If they don't learn now, they will be at a huge disadvantage when you are not around to provide everything.... more
Invest in Chandler
While in school, focus all the money you make towards your student loans in order to get out of college with as little debt as possible. Once you're established in a career can you being to save towards retirement.... more
Pause the Debt Snowball
Divorce can wreak havoc on your finances. It's a good idea to pause your debt snowball until you can get back on your feet. Once your back up, continue to attack your debt.... more
It's Okay to Take Control
A recovering addict should not have control or access a joint account until adequate time is taken to establish responsibility and accountability. An envelope system and keeping track of where pocket money is spent are steps in the right direction.... more
Becoming a Holder
An option to become a partner in a firm could be a big mistake. With little to no control over the management of the business and inability to liquidate funds, you could find yourself high and dry should things go south.... more
You're Self-Insured
If you can consider yourself self-insured, you may not need to hang onto an expensive life insurance policy. Use that money to pay off any other debts while maintaining a good heal insurance and long-term care policy.... more
An Ounce of Prevention
When our children start to enter the workforce we, as parents, need to teach them financial responsibility. If we can teach them to be givers, savers and wise, careful spenders as children, they won't be financially irresponsible adults later!... more
Display a Kind Spirit
Family should always stick together in times of need. But be tactful when approaching people with financial obligations. Things can go south real quick and cause more harm than good.... more
Non-traditional Benefits Show You Care
Benefits come in many forms. If you can't afford the traditional benefits then go with a little more human kindness.... more
Settlements for Medical Bills
If you honestly cannot afford your medical bills, a settlement with the hospital may be a viable option. It never hurts to ask and make a offer for a reduced payment.... more
Just Be Honest
Do not be afraid to take an offer for a job that pays you more money. Being honest and genuine will prevail over your respectful employer.... more
The Benefit of Benefits
Offering a great benefits package helps attract the best employees.... more
What Causes Overspending?
Overspending is a choice that is, more often than not, a form of immaturity.... more
Talk to Mom and Dad
Taking a life insurance policy out on your aging parents may not be in anyone's best interest. Instead of expensive insurance premiums, consider the circumstances and increase your savings as much as possible should it fall on you to pay for funeral services.... more
Her Birthday Money is Symbolic
... more
Should Retirees Move Investments to a CD?
When you have reached retirement age, be sure to weigh all options when considering where to keep your investments.... more
Raising the Rent
Think you could be losing money by keeping rent low, however, concerned you could lose your tenants if you raise it? Consider Dave's advice in order for you and your tenants to come to an agreement.... more
Talk About Boundaries
Address issues with family members as they arise in a polite, non-combative way. Things should turn around after a short cooling off period.... more
You have Got to Learn to Walk Before You Can Run
Start small. Have your plans in place, along with your finances, and follow some simple steps to help you become a success.... more
Planning for College
What are the differences between an Education Savings Account and a 529 plan?... more
Speeding Ticket Emergency
Consider the importance of something that causes you to consider dipping into your emergency fund.... more
Selling Sentimental Stuff
Never let stuff stand between you and your family's sense of security and financial well-being.... more
The Church's Emergency Fund
A good way for a church to save money for an emergency fund would be to view it as a small business. The best way to start would be by cutting back on unnecessary items and making sure adequate funds are available to keep the organization up and...... more
Condos Are Fine, But Do Your Research
Condominiums can be a good investment as long as you do your homework. Ultimately, consider if you would move your family into the condo you're looking to purchase. Making sure the HOA is properly managed and the grounds are well maintained are also key investigation points.... more
When to Buy a Better Car?
Instead of buying a new car, drive the minimum car you can until you get past the first three Baby Steps.... more
Loan Converts to Scholarship
Are the more expensive/prestigious schools worth the extra money in the end?... more
If It's Paid For, Do You Sell It?
You never know what life is going to unexpectedly throw at you, and an emergency fund is great insurance against that sort of thing.... more
Dating and the Budget
Avoid the topic of finances on a first date. Wait until a little later in a relationship to discuss financial matters.... more
Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Edge
When you surround yourself with amazing people doing incredible things, something quite unbelievable happens — you end up being just like them.... more
Refund or Better Planning?
Don't give the government an interest free loan. Adjust your W2 to minimize your tax return or payment in order to maximize your paycheck and have more money throughout the year.... more
Hold On For Now
Emergency funds offer a nice cushion in the event of a layoff. By reigning in ex-penses and establishing a conservative budget you can help minimize the need to dip into it. Don't be too quick to sell your largest investment, your home.... more
Avoid the Gimmicks
When it comes to insurance, Dave says watch out for ones with gimmicks. Let's get details.... more
Seminary Money
Some thoughts on getting too big a refund from the IRS from Dave.... more
Ethical Dilemma
If your ethical standards get in the way of your job duties, it may be time for a change. See if Dave's advice helps you in your own dilemma.... more
Don't Insure Cell Phones
Stick to insuring the big ticket necessities. If anything smaller needs insuring than you may be biting off more than you can chew.... more
Don't Tithe with Credit Cards
When paying your tithes you are better to stick to debit before turning to putting it on credit.... more
More of a Long-term Spending Thing
Use age appropriate examples to teach children about saving and spending.... more
Young Companies and Marketing Budgets
There are many questions you probably have when starting your own small business like how much money to budget for marketing.... more
How Much House?
When buying a house, try to keep your monthly mortgage payments to a fourth of your take home pay to keep you from getting in over your head.... more
Insurance for Young Couple
When choosing life insurance, consider your life and family status when deciding which policy is right for you.... more
Mixing the Money
Wait until after the wedding and honeymoon to combine finances. Keep saving and maintain your emergency fund. Once the deal is sealed, then you may begin to help pay off each others debts together and save together.... more
Competency and Integrity
It's acceptable to have a family member as executor of your will so long as he or she has been taken into careful consideration. Informing your family of your intentions will help ease the stress of the process, limiting any disadvantages.... more
Staying Away From Scams
You spend too many hours of your life at work to be miserable in what you do.... more
No Arguments
When considering the sale of real estate, be sure to see if the current equity is worth the sale.... more
Never take an Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Your future will never be what you think it will be. An adjustable rate mortgage could leave you in a bind when it's time to pay it off.... more
Make it a Fully Loaded Emergency Fund
An emergency fund should consist of three to six months of expenses to be set aside for true emergencies.... more
Pausing the Baby Steps to Celebrate?
If you are debating on whether or not to take that big celebratory vacation over staying true to reigning in your debt, consider Dave's advice and hold off. Assume control of your finances and celebrate twice as big.... more
What Really Matters?
Every business owner wants to take their company and team to incredible heights. Doing so can be done a lot simpler if you follow these six concepts... more
Getting Back on the Wagon
If you're having problems keeping your finances on track, Dave says the answer to your problems rests in one simple question.... more
Confirmation of Payoff?
If you've paid off a debt, Dave says you should seek a formal letter saying so for your files. Here's why.... more
Is Loaning or Giving Helping?
If a close friend is asking you for money, should you do it? Dave says you need to ask yourself several questions first.... more
Start Saving After Step 3
When setting up your budget, is there a way to save to buy a house? Dave says yes. Here's how.... more
Structure Things Intelligently
If you're still trying to balance your financial boat, move carefully when it comes to any side businesses, especially if your money may be involved.... more
Holidays and Family
If you have a fracture in some family relationships Christmas may be a good time to take a first step. However, Dave says to keep it simple and honest.... more
What to do With Restricted Stock?
So what is restricted stock and how do you handle it? Dave has some thoughts.... more
How do you have a wedding without debt?
If you're planning a wedding, why plan something you'll be paying off for years? Dave says get creative and plan a wedding you can really afford.... more
Personal vs. Business
It doesn't matter if your debt is personal or business because only you will be responsible for both. It's time to tighten your belt.... more
Get a BHAG!
Success is not always about reaching your goal. If you strive towards your BHAG you will find yourself pushing in the right direction.... more
A Frank Discussion About Credit Cards
Is it better to use cash or credit cards which you pay off every month. Here's why Dave loves using those dollar bills!... more
Goals Limiting One Another
Before you decide to go out and buy a home, you need to decide if owning a home is more desirable than other life pleasures you currently enjoy. Here's Dave.... more
No New Years Debt Next Time?
Giving at the holidays is a wonderful gesture, but do so with your budget and finances in mind.... more
You Can Catch Up Later
If you are mainly debt free, aside from your home, it is ok to stop contributing to your 401(K) temporarily, until you get back on your feet.... more
Don't Freak Out
So what happens when a working mom finds out a baby is in her future? Dave says it can be handled with proper planning.... more
Is Less Than 20 Percent Okay?
Don't rush into buying a house. Wait until you're ready, both financially and emotionally to take that big step.... more
Where are you in Your Financial Plan?
Don't exceed your spending limits just to own something new. Buy used items until you can afford new.... more
7 Steps to Living the Life of Your Dreams
With a lot of hard work and determination, anyone can get out of debt and build wealth to live the life of your dreams.... more
The Buying Decision
So your job now requires your family to move to another state to live for a couple of years. Buy or rent? Here's what Dave has to say.... more
Reports That Can Save Your Company
The key to good accounting practices is being able to read financial reports.... more
The Best Medicine
You earn good money, but by month's end, you're hunting for change to make ends meet. Sound familiar? Dave says to put a stop to this, create and follow a budget.... more
No, no, no!
When it comes to buying a home, don't even think about it if you're still staring at huge student loans.... more
The Best of the Three
You have three choices when it comes to purchasing a car. Lease, make payments, or cash. Here's one instance where Dave says cash is king.... more
Pay Off Debt First
Why you should forget about purchasing a home if you're still paying off back debts.... more
It Takes Two
If only one partner takes care of family finances it's time to use both heads, especially if you've got money issues. Here is how Dave would fix things.... more
Put Warranty Money In Your Pocket
If you're considering purchasing a warranty, Dave says think it through.... more
Does the Right to Collect Still Exist?
When does the right to collect an old bill expire? Let's see what Dave says.... more
Budget Your Time, Too!
So, you're headed off to college and need to work as well. How do you manage it all? Dave says it really is doable.... more
Doing the Right Thing
You have heard the phrase, tough love. Dave has the tale of a couple who practiced it with their own son and why it serves as a great example.... more
Take Control of Your Day
By organizing and prioritizing your daily tasks you will be amazed at how much productive you can be.... more
Be Wise When Selecting a Roommate
The question is what steps should someone take to find a good college roommate. The answer from Dave is take your time and be prepared to make compromises.... more
Make the Decision with Her
When you're working your way out of debt, make sure to work the numbers before doing anything that reduces your present income.... more
Late Fees
Responsibility is a valuable lesson all parents should teach their children.... more
Forcing Little Brother to Grow Up
Forcing someone to make a lifestyle change is usually not accepted with open arms.... more
Welcome to Life
Growing up, many of us received an allowance from our parents to do chores. Dave says this is one family tradition he feels needs to stop.... more
Thankfulness and Boundaries
So what if your future in-laws offer to pick up the down payment on a house for you and your future spouse? As inviting as that sounds, Dave says he has a better idea.... more
Last Minute Shopping
Dave has some great ideas on how to buy all those Christmas presents without winding up in a sea of debt.... more
Business License for a Seasonal Job?
When do you need to go to city hall to get a business license? Dave has the answer.... more
Pursue Nursing Another Way
Before taking on student loans to go back to school, Dave says there are other avenues to consider.... more
Minor Car Repairs Should Be in the Budget
When you're putting together your monthly budget, Dave says to set aside some extra cash to keep your cars running.... more
Sell As-Is
When it comes to borrowing to get your house in top condition prior to putting it on the market, Dave says it may not be worth it. Let's take a look.... more
A Hiring Predicament
When it's time for a critical hire, it requires time, concentration, and a thorough investigation before you act. Dave has some thoughts on this.... more
Road Warrior Rule
If your job involves lots of time driving, here are some ideas on how to get the best ride for the lowest price.... more
Going to Extremes is Unhealthy
There are ways to remove extreme from those labeled as extreme spenders or extreme savers. Dave's got some thoughts.... more
No Need for Professionals
Do you need to pay the expense of staging to sell your home? Dave says perhaps not.... more
Money and Behavior
If you want to gain control of your money, Dave says start with controlling your own behavioral patterns.... more
Being A Leader Within Your Community
Leadership opportunities do not happen just at work; they are all around you. All you have to do is choose one and start making a difference!... more
Need a Side Income
When your family income is dramatically cut, is it time to sell your home to get out from under a mortgage? Dave says maybe, maybe not.... more
What Percentage?
Your home may be your castle, but when you retire, how much of your net worth should be tied up in that castle?... more
Your Wake-Up Call
More of us are taking in elderly relatives to care for. What this is showing us is we really all need to set up a detailed written family budget.... more
Don't Need Those Cards
Is a high credit score better than NO credit score at all?... more
Leadership Lessons From The Greats
This article compares NFL coaches to entrepreneurs, showing the similar traits both should possess. In order to succeed, you need to identify the problems, be open to change, and have patience.... more
Appreciate Depreciation
When it comes to work vehicles, calculate whether it would make more sense for you to pay off your old vehicle or take the tax breaks on a new one.... more
Help and Wisdom
If you're about to open your house to a needy stranger, it shows you have a great heart. However, your first need is to protect your family. Here are some steps to consider before taking the plunge.... more
Paying Stupid Tax
When unexpected expenses such as medical emergencies strike and you can't pay, it's time to start living within a budget. Here's how to get started.... more
Get Noticed!
When it comes to marketing in this era, get the most bang for your buck. Utilize social media, start a referral program and give your clients the ultimate in customer service.... more
The Rebate Explanation
How do cash-back rebates really work?... more
Pause Investing for a Luxury?
Where in the Baby-Steps is there room for any additional expenditures?... more
Healing Comes First
You can only go so far trying to help a relative facing personal financial problems.... more
Unauthorized Subletting
How should you deal with a renter who's clearly violating their lease? Dave says you need to be stern.... more
Have a Generous Spirit This Holiday Season
Simple acts of generosity and kindness can have positive effects on a person's spiritual and physical well-being, as well as your business. Being generous is a hallmark of people who live successful lives and who operate business with soul.... more
RV Upgrade
If you've been able to set aside significant savings, but also want to spend some serious cash on a purchase, consider using some of your savings along with a timely plan of additional savings to achieve your goals.... more
You Need Something That Matters
If you're looking for motivation to start saving money, Dave says perhaps you should look inward.... more
Stand up to Them
Collection agencies must follow certain laws pertaining to debt collection.... more
Thinks He's a Dreamer
Don't dive in to a dream with full force until you have something to back it up with.... more
Big Debt On An Old Car
Cosigning on a loan, especially with family, is never a good idea.... more
Don't Give a Flighty Explanation
Knowing someone in the field your are looking in can greatly boost your chances on obtaining the position your are leaning towards.... more
Making Business Goals Work
As a small-business owner, setting goals is a vital part of your job description.... more
Bankruptcy Aftershocks
If you're considering bankruptcy to re-organize your debts, think twice because there are several long term issues.... more
Save Extra Instead
There is something you can do when insurance companies will not cover your child because he has a life threatening condition.... more
Stay with the Bank
Should you have all your savings, checking and loans with the same bank? Dave says there are a few times this is not a good idea.... more
Budget Together!
It's time for an exercise in how to budget, and how not to budget.... more
An Ounce of Prevention
When our children start to enter the workforce we, as parents, need to teach them financial responsibility. If we can teach them to be givers, savers and wise, careful spenders as children, they won't be financially irresponsible adults later!... more
Stick With Mutual Funds
Bonds and why Dave is not much of a fan.... more
Display a Kind Spirit
Family should always stick together in times of need. But be tactful when approaching people with financial obligations. Things can go south real quick and cause more harm than good.... more
The Work-Life Balancing Act
You have to put as much focus on yourself and your family as you do your business. Too much of one will only lead to not enough of the other.... more
Church Pushback
If you find your church is always hitting you up for money, there are some questions you should be asking.... more
Do No More Damage
Love and marriage go together, but be careful not to mix in added debt. Here's what Dave says.... more
Out of step with the Baby Steps
If you're following Dave's Baby Steps to financial security, it's important not to skip and of the steps. Here's an example.... more
Mortgage or Save?
If you're debt free, when is it the right time to borrow for a new home? Dave has the answer.... more
Becoming a True Servant Leader
To become a leader within your business you must follow a few guidelines that are required to obtain the loyalty of your team and employees. Fanatical integrity, interacting and listening, and thinking of others are key concepts towards winning over the loyalty of your team.... more
God is Whispering to You
If you are due money from a class action suit, but you don't want it, what are your options? Dave has the answer.... more
Car Debt
If your cars are bringing your bottom line into the red, it's to to say goodbye to your four-wheeled friends.... more
Difference in Debts
Is there a difference between borrowing for a car or borrowing for a house? Let's see what Dave has to say.... more
Bicoastal is for the Birds
If your spouse is on one coast while you're working on the other, you need to look at the finances and see if they are more important than being together.... more
What's the Goal?
Is it right to spend mega-bucks for specialized athletic training for your children? You need to ask yourself some tough questions first.... more
Learning From Your Mistakes
You willmake mistakes in business and in life. But making mistakes and learning from them is crucial to winning. Never let mistakes hold you back, and never give up. The wealth of knowledge you'll gain as result will be very valuable and will help you and your business...... more
Making Grown-up Choices
IS it OK to spend some cash on yourself for fun things even though you have unpaid bills and shaky credit? Dave says no way!... more
Pay for Grades?
What are the pros and cons of paying your children for receiving good grades at school?... more
Investment or Debt?
... more
Different Brokers, too?
Dave answers a question on diversifying not just in mutual funds but brokers too?... more
A Cure for the Summertime Blues
To avoid business and employees becoming slow during the summer time, keep your team moving. Conduct evaluations, check out the competition, network, socialize and require employees to read. It will keep them on their toes and their brains active.... more
What does it Mean?
Dave gives the definition of the right of first refusal when it comes to a property.... more
The Money's Ahead of You
When considering marriage, be sure to be on the same page with all of your financial matters.... more
Help? Not Yet
When it comes to our kids, bailing them out of a financial mess does not help them in the long run.... more
Doing Without
If your family is looking for a single step to help save money it's simple. Say no to dining out and yes to making meal time family time at home.... more
Money Isn't Everything
Creating an excellent overall compensation plan will help you profit more in all areas by attracting and keeping talented and passionate people.... more
The Problem With Being Impulsive
Credit card, debit card, or cash. Three choices how to spend your money and why cash may be the best way to help curb impulse purchases.... more
It's a Better Idea to Pre-plan
When you start thinking about your own inevitable funeral, pre-plan the details, but don't pre-pay. Here's why.... more
Serious About Getting Out of Debt?
Before you start carrying around extra spending money, make sure you're staying within your overall budget.... more
A Waste of Money?
Home warranties, something you probably don't need.... more
It Shouldn't Take a Year
- Before you start investing, clean your financial slate and become debt free first. Here's why.... more
The Benefit of Benefits
Attracting the best people for your business typically requires offering an appealing benefits package. By following the three R's of Recruiting, Retaining, and Retirement your small business will thrive since you have been able to obtain and keep the best.... more
It's a Smart Buy!
When you're looking at ways to save on car insurance, make sure NOT to drop collision coverage. Here's why.... more
Generating Passive Income
If some extra income is on your mind through passive income, we need to explain exactly what that is and how to do it.... more
On the Road Again?
Before opening your own business, there's a question beyond the economics. Will it make you happy?... more
Where's the Safety Factor?
Gold may glitter like no other substance, but is it still something to bank on when times go bad?... more
Rejuvenate yourself and your business
With a bit of planning, your time off can be as beneficial for your business as it is for you.... more
Who's the Boss?
Want an easy way to budget your money? Here's a great plan from Dave.... more
Making Changes
If you're looking for a way to get your financial life back under control, Dave has a very simple way to do it.... more
Drop the Arrogance!
Unless someone is accountable for their actions, you are doing them more harm than good by giving in to their requests, financial or otherwise.... more
Umbrella Policy?
If you are doing well and you have some extra money, it's a good idea to have the extra umbrella liability policy attached to your insurance policy.... more
Empower Your Team In 2016
If you are dreaming of being a great success story, just remember that dream would be a nightmare without a great team behind you. Dave has ideas on how to make your dream a reality.... more
Be the Dad!
When it comes to teens and finances, teaching them the hard way may not be the most popular with the teen, but it will give them the best shot for a productive future.... more
Sharing and Planning as One
It is vitally important that financial decisions are made by husband and wife together - as one.... more
Honeymoon on a Budget
If you're thinking about financing a honeymoon on a credit card, don't! Here's the reasons why and some suggestions.... more
Trying to Help a Friend
We have some thoughts on how to help a flighty friend with financial issues.... more
You Need an Umbrella!
When falling into crisis mode after losing your income be sure to prioritize your payments for survival but keep good faith with your creditors by informing them of your plans.... more
Four Ways to Start The New Year Right
Write down your goals for the new year and start to make them a reality.... more
An Unlikely Thief
Especially when dealing with children, utilize wrong doings as teachable moments and follow through with what you are saying.... more
Wedding Bells Times Three!
Before you start setting aside bucks for your young daughter's future wedding, perhaps her educational needs should come first.... more
Protecting Her From Herself
Here's some thoughts on how to address parental inability to handle their own finances. It's tricky.... more
Reward Her Good Choices
IF you have a child that has finally becoming responsible with money, it's OK to help them out once and a while.... more
Live Intentionally And Win
Welcome to 2016, and with the New Year, why not replace the word resolutions with goals' What is the difference? Let's ask Dave.... more
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