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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

  • Women in Business - As a whole, women-owned businesses help fuel today's economy. However, what drives those operations individually? A variety of leverage points exist for female entrepreneurs.

    This section showcases these opportunities, including how to garner investment capital, more effectively track finances, work with bankers, and handle taxes.

    You'll also learn about the latest business-management technology, how to procure contracts as a woman-owned enterprise, mentoring opportunities, women business centers and much more.

  • Hispanics In Business - The Hispanic community has helped reshape the landscape of the modern business world. This growing group of entrepreneurs faces different challenges, but continues to push ahead by utilizing exclusive opportunities. Find out what's available for these particular minority-run ventures.

    This section outlines how to obtain necessary certification for government procurement contracts, specific loan programs and grants, how to locate the right Hispanic trade association, the value of social networking and much more.

  • Seniors In Business - Baby-boomers may find themselves facing retirement long before they've planned to even slow down. To this end, seniors too energetic and creative to kick back and relax are seeking other options. Some continue to work in jobs they love, for instance, while others look for different careers - and a fair number are deciding to go into business for themselves.

    Whatever the decision, access to sound resources can turn vague plans into solid realities. Fortunately, this section provides help in "handbook" form. Besides links to a range of support agencies, would-be entrepreneurs will find practical guidance on topics such as contract procurement and access to capital. Job seekers, on the other hand, can learn how to punch up their resumes and hone interview skills. Topics also include making good retirement choices, social networking (a great marketing tool) and the importance of mentoring.

  • Minorities In Business - America's earlier depiction as a "melting pot" has evolved into an entirely different image. Now, minority groups form huge, distinct pieces of a cultural mosaic - applying their own unique skills and talents to complete the picture.

    The U.S. business community has mirrored this shift as well, with minority-owned companies developing into a significant commercial force. Even so, research has shown these entrepreneurs often don't tap into the pool of free resources that could generate economic success.

    The information offered here makes getting support a whole lot easier. Read on for detailed guidance on doing business - from start-up loan programs to venture capital and contract procurement. This section also provides dozens of links to public and private organizations focused on helping minority entrepreneurs grow sound, thriving companies.

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