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One of the biggest "people" businesses around today, the restaurant industry runs on a mix of fine food, top service, good management and effective marketing. The information offered in the sections below addresses these key factors and many more. Sample this eclectic menu of timely reports, technical tips and breaking news to satisfy every craving for success.

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Restaurateurs know an eatery's popularity relies on good food and great service, certainly - but operational dynamics make a difference, too. This section's articles address many of the key issues, among them, Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.
Trade Associations
Given the number of folks employed in the restaurant industry - as well as resulting staffing issues - restaurant owners find that professional associations serve as a reliable source of information and support. Group insurance programs, continuing education, governmental advocacy and marketing assistance are just a few benefits some groups offer. Here are the details.
Industry Publications
Some of the finest chefs rely on their grandmothers' recipes. But in the case of restaurant pros, "cook-booking" may be as simple as referring to all the literature the industry offers! The links here lead to a nice sampling of professional publications for eateries of every type. As an added benefit, many provide online formats, as well as print versions, of their materials.
Industry Resources
The restaurant trade is a tough, competitive industry, so an entrepreneur in this field must keep current with the market. This means getting hold of the info it takes to run a business - quickly and easily. Turn to this section for help with government and private sector loan information, hiring and management, legal tips, educational opportunities and much more.
Trade Shows
Food, gadgets, information - No professional enjoys sharing these commodities more than today's restaurant owners. Fortunately, the industry provides ample opportunities for its members to network, as well as to catch up with what's happening in their respective genres. Here are some of 2008's top shows and conferences, along with event and registration details.
Industry News
It's no secret that many factors - among them striking workers, fuel shortages and rising food costs - can send the restaurant industry reeling. Visit this site weekly for late-breaking news on this sort of challenge, plus timely articles on those economic, management and personnel issues that drive the business of making and serving food.
Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.
From obtaining a business license to becoming an executive chef, this section offers an in-depth look on how to advance in the highly competitive restaurant industry. Key topics with direct links to leading resources include: continuing education provided through professional organizations; certification through the American Culinary Federation; culinary specialty certifications; and ServSAFE and ManageFirst certifications.

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