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American Family Physician Magazine

Founded in 1969, this magazine is a peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians aiming to provide continuing medical education for family physicians and other primary care clinicians. The journal publishes original articles presenting a family medicine perspective on and approach to common clinical conditions, as well as evidence-based, clinical reviews to assist family physicians in patient care.

Published semi-monthly.

The American Nurse

Official publication of the American Nurses Association (ANA). Magazine features ANA member nurses, reports on ANA, and news in the nursing profession.

Anesthesiology News

Newspaper offers extensive coverage of over a dozen major clinical meetings that affect anesthesiology with the latest findings from reporters covering these meetings and features stories on topics of interest to practitioners.

Published monthly in print and digital editions with e-newsletter updates; subscriptions free to qualified professionals.

Clinical Oncology News

News magazine targeted towards oncologists, hematologists and oncology nurses, providing relevant information to help practitioners improve the quality of care while increasing cost efficiency.

Published monthly in print and digital editions with e-newsletter updates; subscriptions free to qualified professionals.

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News

Newspaper focusing on news from the specialty, including educational reviews, CME monographs, commentaries, original articles and international meeting/conference schedules.

Published monthly in print with e-newsletter updates; subscriptions free to qualified professionals.

General Surgery News

Newspaper designed for general surgeons. Features include meeting coverage, journal articles and commentary, educational reviews and information on new drugs and technologies.

Published monthly in print with e-newsletter updates; subscriptions free to qualified professionals.

Infectious Disease Special Edition

This publication is a compilation of infection-related educational reviews covering a wide range of patient populations.

Published monthly, with e-newsletter updates; free to qualifying professionals.

The Journal of the American Medical Association

Peer-reviewed medical journal covering all aspects of biomedical sciences. JAMA publishes original research, reviews, and abstracts. Published weekly.

Medical Economics

Magazine designed to help physicians cope with the business side of medicine, the non-clinical problems associated with running a private, office-based practice.

Published every two weeks in print and digital editions; subscriptions free to qualifying professionals.

This e-newsletter targets physician executives, leaders and entrepreneurs, and reports news, issues and trends that impact healthcare.

Published twice monthly with daily updates online. Subscription details/form available online.

The New England Journal of Medicine

This general medical journal reports on the latest medical research findings. NEJM also reviews articles and editorial opinions on a wide variety of medical and scientific topics.

Published weekly in print and online; subscription form/details available online.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Outpatient Surgery Magazine serves as a marketplace and gathering spot for decision makers in facilities specializing in ambulatory surgery. The magazine facilitates the exchange of ideas, advice, experiences and information between management team members and also delivers relevant info and advice from experts, professional advisors, industry and others.

Published monthly, subscriptions include an E-Weekly Newsletter.

Pain Medicine News

Newspaper designed to meet the needs of physicians involved in pain medicine, including primary care physicians, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, rheumatologists, oncologists and more.

Published monthly, with online updates, subscriptions free to qualified professionals.

Physicians Practice

Website helps physicians effectively manage operational and business aspects of their practices, including billing, coding, collections, technology, work flow, staffing and compensation, among others.

Free to qualified professionals with required online registration.

Telemedicine Today

Telemedicine Today is the leading news and information source for the telemedicine industry, with a readership that includes telemedicine practitioners, physicians, hospital administrators, healthcare information specialists, vendors, consultants, policy makers and others interested in this field. Coverage includes clinical applications, networking, business models, legal and regulatory updates, telemedicine program profiles and industry news.

Published six times annually.

Verus Med - Clinical News Briefs

An information service providing news briefs on various medical specialties to help physicians and health care professionals stay current on latest trends, clinical trial results and other important medical information. "Therapeutic Areas" on side bar links to 22 different clinical News Briefs.

Free online subscriptions.

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