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Tap a couple of keys to visit hundreds of Web pages on just about every subject modern manufacturers need to understand. Whether the product is steel or stoneware; glass or griddles; food or fashions, rely on this site for in-depth industry information, breaking news, technical tips and all sorts of tools that make staying in the black a little bit easier.

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Savvy manufacturers will admit there's always something new to learn - and freshman entrepreneurs simply need to know how to get started. This section provides a primer, of sorts, on a number of operational topics, including Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.
Trade Associations
All it takes is a quick review of this section to realize that trade organizations exist for nearly every product the manufacturing industry turns out. Typically serving as member advocates, these groups also provide opportunities for continuing education, credentialing, networking and other benefits. Check out the listings offered here to learn more.
Industry Publications
The most successful manufacturers understand that, sometimes, it makes sense to go by the book - or perhaps a trade journal or magazine. What follows is a list of links to leading professional publications applicable to a broad range of industry sectors. In some cases, free subscriptions are available to qualified professionals.
Industry Resources
Having trouble finding reliable information about funding, operations, legislation, licenses or technology? A good resource list can make this brand of research a lot easier - and that's what busy manufacturers will find right here. Peruse this section for links on loan/grant programs, business development, lean manufacturing, marketing strategies and much more.
Trade Shows
Most likely, it's safe to say that business owners enjoy nothing more than sharing news and knowledge with colleagues and friends. Fortunately, the manufacturing community offers many ways to do just that. This section features some of the most important shows and conferences in the industry, along with event summaries and when-and-where information.
Industry News
The manufacturing business is gigantic in scope, and so, of course, is the news it generates. Visit this site often for ongoing, timely updates on important developments in every industry sector. From corporate boardrooms to the factory floor, mega-plants to mom-and-pop shops, the top stories will always wind up here.
Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.
Visit this section to investigate the particulars of professional licensing processes for the manufacturing industry, as well as for numerous available educational and training opportunities. Certified sales professional, lean manufacturing certification, and certified production and inventory management are among the many designations explored here. Direct links also connect to leading resources for career advancement in the field.

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