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Legal Trade Resources
With the touch of a key, visit databases addressing virtually every issue impacting the modern legal practitioner. From landmark decisions to law libraries; breaking news to conference opportunities; continuing education to statistics, trends and more - consider this the "go-to" source for nearly everything a savvy legal pro needs to know.

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Legal Trade Resources

Courts and Government

U.S. Supreme Court

In-depth site providing virtually unlimited access to dockets, oral argument schedules, opinions, court rules, bar admission forms, case-handling guides and an overview of the court itself.

Federal Courts

Complete overview of all courts under the federal court umbrella, including circuit/district maps, court links, access to the federal court libraries, updated news releases and a full range of reports and statistics.

U.S. Tax Court

Provides links to the court docket, downloadable legal forms, an opinion search tool, breaking news stories, attorney/practitioners services and support, taxpayer information, final status reports and a range of other subjects


Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) provides access to case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, as well as the U.S. Party/Case Index. Registration with the PACER Service Center is required.

U.S. Court of Appeals For The Federal Circuit

Allows access to the court calendar, mediation program, opinions and orders, downloadable forms and rules, dispositions, a complete list of court information, and literature and statistics.

U.S. Department of Justice

A compendium of human and civil rights programs, this Web site provides a network of links to law-related government agencies, programs, publications, breaking news, and legal cases and documents under the department's umbrella.

Libraries, Law Schools and Research

Just The Law Links: Libraries and Law Schools

Though this site connects the user with a variety of resources, such as federal government, international law and attorney directory links, one of the most practical features is its extensive list of law schools and libraries nationwide and around the globe. In addition to the best university libraries, non-school related law libraries also make the list.

Law Library of Congress

The journals and periodicals included on this site provide complete in-depth legal analysis and notes at no cost to the user. Listings include only those law reviews which offer free and complete access to the full text of articles and notes. Journals which offer only promotional information, tables of contents or abstracts are not cited.


An extensive reference tool for tracking down legal documents online, the site pinpoints universal resource locators (URLs) that will fulfill the legal industry's practical needs. Functions include the initial searching, processing, selection and edit of thousands of valid, tested law-specific links, with ultimate access to millions of digital legal documents.


An index of more than 4,000 select Web sites worldwide, serving as a comprehensive legal resource arranged by category; suitable for both the legal community and the general public. The site also features a wealth of free, downloadable legal forms.

Financing and Loan Programs

Access Group

Non-profit agency offering financial resources for recent law-school graduates. Services include. Provides complete overview of its current loan programs, as well as instructions and online applications.


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