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Industry Markets

As a small business owner it is critical to understand your industry. But don�t stop there � understand your customer�s industry as well. Knowledge is power, and staying abreast of yours and your customers� industries can give you more tools to help you acquire and retain customers, stay competitive, provide excellent customer service, foster customer loyalty, and network within the industry.

You need to know what�s going on in your industry and how it can affect you, and you need to know real-time. You need to know about new products and services, trends, regulations, vendors, competitors, etc., and the more current you are, the more competitive you can be. You can also network with others in your industry and learn from their successes and failures, and make sure you�re following best practice guidelines. Keeping up with industry news will alert you to new technology and training requirements. The more you know about your industry, the more you know about your business.

But it�s not enough just to know your own business. By continually keeping up with news and trends across your industry, you will be able advise your customers about the latest and greatest products and services and any potential pitfalls. By keeping up with your customer�s industry news and trends, you�ll be more aware of their �care-abouts� and concerns, can more effectively advise them of products, services, trends, and pitfalls that effect them specifically, and can tailor your offer to meet their needs. In doing so, you�ll also impress them with your knowledge and interest and foster a sense of trust. If you�re the one that always has the most up-to-date and reliable information, and you�re the one that provides the products and services they need, you�ll be the one they go to and stick with.


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