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A keystroke or two opens the door to hundreds of sites on many practice areas - a generous representation of what today's practitioners need to know. Regardless of the specialization, these sections offer in-depth industry info, news, technical support and business tools geared to keeping physicians professionals conversant and current in their disciplines.

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Even seasoned medical professionals know that professional development is an ongoing process - and new practitioners need to learn some ground rules! This section provides a virtual handbook on a number of operational topics, including Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.
Trade Associations
A quick review of this section makes clear that professional associations exist for virtually every medical venue. Typically serving as member advocates - especially to government sectors - these groups also provide opportunities for continuing education, credentialing, networking and other benefits. Check out the listings offered here to learn more.
Industry Publications
The variety of industry publications serving medical professionals is formidable. To make review of these materials a bit easier, this section provides an extensive list of links to leading journals and periodicals applicable to a broad range of specializations. In many cases, free subscriptions are available to eligible practitioners.
Industry Resources
While medical practitioners may turn to their respective professional associations for most of their information and support, additional resources are available, too. This section offers sites on practice-building and operation, wealth management, patient relations, continuing education and much more.
Trade Shows
It's a fair bet that medical practitioners top the list when it comes to networking with colleagues in professional settings. And no wonder! The health industries offer hundreds of conferences and events geared to helping members grow on educational, business and personal fronts. This section features some of the leading functions happening today.
Industry News
Technology, research and legislation continuously change the face of the health care industry. Refer to this section often for ongoing, timely updates on important developments in every discipline, as well as in-depth features on practice management, patient care and relations, new regulations and much more.
Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.
This section features continuing education opportunities for physicians, dentists and registered nurses, with direct links to professional organizations - such as the American Medical Association - that sponsor applicable courses. Also addressed are licensing requirements for health care specialists, among them coding specialists, certified compliance professionals and registered health information technicians.

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