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Security and Fraud Protection for Your Business

Security and Fraud Protection for Your Business

Office Protection

Fraud Protection

  • Protect Against Identity Theft -- Your customers worry about their personal information being stolen or misused and so should you. Learn about simple ways to safeguard sensitive information and protect your customers from identity theft.
  • Keeping Tabs on Your Company's Credit -- Maintaining a great company credit history is just as important as maintaining great personal credit and checking your report regularly could help identify fraudulent activity.
  • ACH Fraud Protection -- Electronic funds transfers are fast and easy but can be a source of fraudulent activity. Learn how to prevent ACH fraud so you enjoy the benefits and avoid misuse of your accounts.
  • Performing Internal Audits -- Learn how to identify fraudulent activity by making simple, periodic checks of key processes, accounts, and assets.
  • Understanding the Red Flags Rule -- Learn about upcoming government legislation regarding identity theft… and your legal responsibilities as a business owner that extends covered forms of credit.
  • Build Safe Vendor Relationships -- Build strong relationships with your vendors; not only will you and your vendors benefit, but you can also avoid falling victim to vendor – and employee – fraud.
  • Training Employees to Prevent Fraud -- Your employees are your best line of defense against internal and external fraud; learn how to train them to safeguard your company and your customers.
  • Fighting Online Banking Fraud -- There are many steps your financial institutions take to protect you from fraud, and there are some that you can take as well. Click here to find out more.
  • Protecting Yourself in Mobile Banking -- With the advent of online banking, concerns arose regarding its safety. Similar conversations are being had about the security of mobile banking. Read here for tips on how to protect your financial and personal information.

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