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Networking to Expand Your Business

Networking to Expand Your Business

Weaving a professional network takes more than stopping for a glass of wine at the occasional Chamber of Commerce reception. A steady, systematic approach is the secret to crafting a durable mesh of connections - that will stimulate business growth on every level.

The best strategies, in fact, team traditional face-to-face interactions with powerful Internet tools, a combo that allows networking virtually round the clock. In other words, that annual conference in Chicago will pack more wallop when the "meeting" continues for weeks to come via online networking sites.

Refer to this section for incisive guidance on professional affiliations, civic organizations, social opportunities and a bounty of online tools tailor-made to help business owners get ahead by meeting the right people.

  • Network to New Heights - How can the local Chamber of Commerce help my business? Why should I join a Rotary Club? What does volunteer work have to do with marketing my company? Besides answering these questions and a host of others, this section also provides valuable tips on getting the most out of traditional networking channels.
  • Social Networking Online - To make connections in today's technology-driven market, business owners must tap into the Internet's burgeoning social and professional communities. This section offers a rundown of the hottest networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, with detailed information on special features, cost, user demographics, business applicability and statistics.


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