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Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, you need to identify your potential customers and go after them. Skillful marketing, advertising and PR plans have made small businesses into Fortune companies. The industry is full of companies that can help small business owners market to their target audiences without breaking the bank.

General Overview

Marketing Your Product

  • Identify and Develop Your Most Profitable Customers - Learn how to analyze each customer in terms of profitability so you can improve operating margins.
  • Know Your Market: Market Research - Learn how to determine if a good idea can become a great and profitable idea for your company.
  • Simple, Effective, and Inexpensive Marketing - Simple marketing techniques can complement any advertising campaign. Learn a basic strategy to reach out and attract more customers.
  • Pricing for Sales - Setting a price is easy; setting the right price involves weighing a number of internal and external factors. Learn how to develop profitable pricing strategies for your business.
  • Sell More Before Customers Leave the Store - Increase in-store sales by improving the customer experience and enhancing opportunities for cross-sales and add-on sales.
  • Measuring Advertising Effectiveness - How do you determine whether advertising spending is cost-effective? Learn simple ways to measure the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.
  • Small Business Innovation - Innovation is not limited to major corporations. Master a simple approach to creatively solving your small business' customer and corporate problems.
  • Mass Market Advertising - Despite the onslaught of web marketing, traditional forms of advertising remain incredibly effective. Learn how print, radio, and television advertising can pay off for your business.

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

  • Public Relations - An Overview - New tools have made getting free publicity easier than ever. Learn the basics, including different ways you can leverage public relations to grow your business.
  • Create Your Own Public Relations Campaigns - You don't need to hire a public relations firm to get the word out; learn how to develop your own public relations campaigns.
  • Write and Distribute Great Press Releases - Learn how to write, format, and create attention-grabbing press releases and how to distribute your press releases for maximum impact and exposure.
  • Partner with the Media - The media needs you as much as you need them; learn how to establish a relationship with reporters and journalists, and enhance your public relations efforts in the process.
  • PR Resources - This section features an extensive link list capturing nearly every publication, Internet site and organization that addresses public relations issues.


  • Create Effective Ads - Learn the basic components of an effective ad, including emotional and rational appeals and how to create a call to action.
  • Build Market Awareness with Promotions - Master the basics of building customer loyalty through sales, memberships, loyalty programs, and other promotional efforts.
  • Maximize Return on Advertising Spending - Don't spend advertising dollars blindly. Learn how to evaluate your advertising to make sure it is as effective and efficient as possible.

Marketing Communications

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