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Government Resources

Government Resources

The federal government offers helpful information to enhance the possibilities for success in starting and managing a small business. Here are government resources for planning and preparing to run a successful small business. As you will see, our government is being more responsive in providing cost-effective information to help you increase your earning and growth potential. There will be challenges, but we hope these additional online resources help you successfully take advantage of the opportunities in managing a small business.

Small Business Administration - The SBA will help you find information on Advocacy, Regulatory, Counseling, Training, Financing, R&D Awards, Legal, Procurement and Veterans Services for small business owners. - Official United States Government site that offers "how-to" information from finding startup capital, choosing a business structure, to hiring staff, and obtaining insurance.

Internal Revenue Service Resources - These IRS links will help you find tax forms, tax law information, advocates' help lines, Social Security Tax information and more...

Other Government Resources - These links will take you to United States Government sites such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Bureau of Labor Statistics, DOD, National Small Business Development Center, U.S. Business Advisor, the House and Senate Small Business Committees and more...

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