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Lead acquisition - Who to Call Generating Leads

Lead acquisition - Who to Call Generating Leads

Lead acquisition is one of the most critical activities within a telemarketing campaign. The GP Bullhound Research report states that from 2006 to 2007, the online lead-generation market grew at 71 percent – more than twice as fast as the online advertising market. The rapid growth is mainly driven by the advertiser demand for return on investment focused marketing.

Even so, identifying or attracting prospective candidates is an expensive and complex task, especially if you do not have mechanisms to capture that information. Today, many businesses use customer relationship management systems, Web sites, e-mail marketing and surveys to acquire customer details, store data and market new products to existing customers.

A number of marketing firms compile and sell telemarketing lists – not a bad investment for business owners new to telemarketing. These lists include only individuals with the appropriate customer characteristics for any particular business. This targeted approach saves time and money because it eliminates starting with the telephone book.

While some entrepreneurs prefer to generate their own leads, experts caution that constructing a call list requires in-depth research on customer buying habits, age demographics, the economic climate and a wide range of other factors.

Telemarketing: Not Always Easy

Telemarketing campaigns, while effective, do have a downside. Recently, 98 percent of 1.78 million respondents to an on-line survey said telemarketing calls made them angry. Others said interruptions from telemarketers irked them more than sitting in traffic or doing their taxes. Unfortunately, reputable telemarketing efforts continue to catch the fallout from fraudulent telemarketers preying on vulnerable consumers.

In 2003, during the heyday of telemarketing scams, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) implemented the National Do Not Call Registry, created to offer consumers a choice to limit incoming telemarketing calls. Business owners should understand that telephone numbers placed on the registry will now remain on it permanently. See for additional registry enrollment information.


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