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In-House Telemarketing Campaign for a Marketing Plan

In-House Telemarketing Campaign for a Marketing Plan

There are some real advantages to in-house telemarketing campaigns:

  • You have direct control. Your personnel are down the hall, not across town or across the country.
  • Your call team is 100% dedicated to your project.
  • You can quickly and easily make changes to your "script".
  • Your call team is "behind the firewall" with access to customer information, order history, etc.
  • You can hand-pick who is representing your company.
  • Your product will be more "personal" to your own employees.

Depending on the size of your operation, there are, however some things to consider:

  • Personnel. Hiring experienced personnel can be tricky, and you want someone who will represent you company well.
  • Training. Even experienced sales representative need to be trained about your company, its products, your industry, the lingo, etc.
  • Motivation. Sales callers take a lot of rejection. Are you prepared to constantly motivate them verbally and with other incentives?
  • Supervision. In addition to the callers themselves, you may need to hire a call team manager and supervisor who will not only supervise and coach the callers but also monitor daily and weekly call goals.
  • Space and equipment. To be effective, telemarketing personnel need a comfortable, clean, quiet, and professional work space and up-to-date PCs with large monitors; software specially designed for call centers including call queuing, efficient data entry and links to online information; and ergonomic furniture. Additional requirements include:

    • Telephones
    • Headsets and adequate phone lines for all call center staff
    • Office supplies
    • Scripts to standardize communications - with updates as needed
    • Leads and call lists
    • Experienced staff with good telephone skills and phone voices
    • Management personnel with experience in telemarketing and hiring telemarketers
    • Staff compensation plans with incentive bonuses
    • Scheduling developed to accommodate an ideal four-hour shift – considered the most efficient calling period to keep the telemarketer fresh and alert
    • Monitoring systems to keep the message crisp and quality-controlled

Whether you opt for an in-house center or go with outsourcing depends on factors built into your particular marketing plan. If you are willing to invest in the infrastructure and training of personnel to get the job done, then in-house is the way to go. Additionally, if your product or service requires in-depth technical training, or if telemarketers will need direct communication with decision makers, then in-house makes sense.

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