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Communication in Business: Communication Options and Resources

Communication in Business: Communication Options and Resources

With a technology base that is constantly expanding, business communication options are increasingly growing all the time. From traditional communication services like telecom to new mobile communication technologies, you can choose what business communication plan is most cost effective for your business.

  • Meeting Your Small Business Communications Needs - There is a wide range of Communication services for a small business to choose from. Learn what is available and what might be right for your business.
  • Bundled Services - Today, there are more "cross-over" services being provided by various companies in the communications industry. Communications companies are now offering not only voice services, but also data, video and other enhancements in "bundled" packages designed to support your small business.
  • Internet Access and Broadband Services - Internet access and online services are very important business tools for your small business.� Learn about access speeds, security and online backup services to help you take advantage of this technology.
  • Small Business Exploring Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing is helping small business reduce their technology infrastructure by accessing software and hardware over the internet. Learn how this �on demand� computing can work for you and your employees in the office and remotely.
  • Conferencing and Collaboration - Savvy companies today are using communications tools that support relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. �Easy-to-use online conferencing, and telephone, video and Web conferencing can enhance communications and reduce travel and other expenses.
  • Faxes Hanging On - Fax machines:� Endangered? �Yes. �Extinct? �No. �Faxing remains the easiest way to send and receive signed documents, and sensitive information that a business owner may not wish to send over the Internet.� See this section to consider the alternatives, including e-fax options.
  • Unified Messaging Streamlines Inboxes - This technology provides easy and instant access to not only e-mails, but also voice mails and faxes. Unified messaging systems bring all of these messages together into a single inbox, allowing you to prioritize, forward, add notes, or review in original formats, all according to your preferences.
  • Instant Messaging - A popular method of communication, businesses can benefit immensely from instant messaging applications, from communicating quickly about projects, to notification of important updates, answers to questions, or inquiring into a colleague's location.�
  • Choosing a Small Business Phone System - Your telephone system is your business lifeline. Today's systems can perform a variety of call-handling functions, including some new features such as unified messaging, mentioned above. Learn about which system and features are best for your business.�

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