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Travel Resources

The road to professional success often spans many miles, literally and figuratively. Business owners must routinely take to the highways or sky in order to further their entrepreneurial journey. Whether traveling 300 miles or 3,000, those leaving town for work purposes must first map out the logistics. From gathering directions to various meeting places to selecting the right hotel, preparing for an out-of-town trip represents a job within itself. Still, most company owners cannot avoid the inevitable: Business comes from all corners of the world. If you want to excel, pack your bags and go to it! Judging by today's trends, most entrepreneurs agree.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), Americans take more than 405 million long-distance business trips each year. This accounts for approximately 16 percent of all long-distance travel.

BTS notes that the majority of long-distance business trips in the U.S. occur at destinations within 250 miles of the home office. When it comes to getting to these places, the automobile seems to be the preferred mode of transportation.

As for longer endeavors, trips totaling more than 1,000 miles account for only about 7 percent of all business travel.

With a number of entrepreneurs seeking prosperity many "rest areas" beyond their home base, the market continues to make new strides to cater to the traveling business class.

The following chapters, divided into two sections -- Domestic Travel and International Travel -- highlight some of the helpful services designed specifically for business travelers. These sections also offer travel tips and advice for making the next trip smooth and productive.

Pre-Travel: Get Up and Go! -- will help you decide whether to use a travel agent or do it yourself. It will also discuss the things you need to think about prior to a trip.

Travel: Domestic -- discusses running your business while traveling domestically as well as safety tips and resources to help you.

International Travel: The Easy Way -- will help you plan your international trip by giving you information on things you need to bring and how to communicate while abroad as well as tips and resources.

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